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I studied Visual Communication and Illustration at UniSA. I’ve been passionate about illustration since childhood. The most magical thing about illustration for me is bringing imagination to life. I love inventing characters and stories and giving them a purpose. My favourite part of a project is constructing its narrative background. I have a neverending fascination with colour and exploring unique compositions. I think those are the two major elements that inspire my work. Read more!

My art can be described as all things cute and whimsical with a touch of punk and bubble-goth. It’s just that bitter-sweet. I love drawing people and animals with a slight eccentric and imaginative twist. All my illustrations explore imaginary worlds that leave an unexplained mystery. I’m highly inspired by pop surrealism, lowbrow art, urban art, and art nouveau. My preferred mediums are digital, acrylic, ink, watercolour, and graphite. Whatever gets the effect I desire.

Art and music are my life, and I always draw with music. I love punk rock songs and am a massive Avril Lavigne fan. My hobbies include online gaming and learning languages. I have two adorable feathered companions called Kiki and Zazu who are the sweetest little things and an inspiration for much of my work! They have their own blog if you’d like to keep up with them: puffies.org

The name “Nekka” was serendipitous: it was a special nickname given to me by my brother when he was little and mispronounced my name. It stuck ever since, and now that I have my own illustration business it is the perfect encapsulation of everything I do.

If you have any questions feel free to email me 🙂
? email: info@nekkas.net

Qualifications & Awards


  • Bachelor of Visual Communication (UniSA)




  • Hahndorf Inn Season’s Specials Flyer (2016) Illustrations for Hahndorf Inn season’s special flyer.
  • Hahndorf Inn Fun Map (2016) Illustrations for Hahndorf Inn fun map.
  • Melbourne Cup Poster (2015) Poster design for Hahndorf Inn.
  • Dythea & Travis (2015) Illustration for wedding invitations.
  • Oktoberfest (2015) Poster design for Hahndorf Inn.
  • Hahndorf Inn Kids’ Menu (2015) Kids’ menu illustration & design.
  • Hahndorf Inn Menu (2015) Cover illustration and menu design for Hahndorf Inn.
  • Dotyk Preznaczenia Część I, Novae Res (2015) Book cover illustration for “Dotyk Przeznaczenia” by Rafał Tomczak.

Exhibitions & Shows


? email: info@nekka.net